Can I go in just one magazine?

Yes, that’s fine. But we usually recommend that you book a series of three months to get people used to seeing your name and business.

How many magazines are delivered?

Each magazine has a print run of 5, 000, so 15,000 in total.

However, industry standards would presume two and a half readers per copy for our magazines. So if you went in all three that would give a readership of over 37,500 local readers!

What are the advert sizes?

Quarter Page:

95mm H x 67mm W Portrait
45mm H x 135mm W Landscape

Half Page:

95mm H x 135mm W Landscape
195mm H x 67mm W Portrait

Full Page:

195mm H x 135mm W No Bleed
215mm H x 155mm W With Bleed

What are the  copy dates?

The copy date is usually the 15th of the month preceding publication.

Can you design an advert for me?

No artwork, no problem.  We can design a professional advert for you for only £25.  Please contact us to discuss.

Will I see a copy of my advert before it goes to print?

Yes, just provide an email address we will send a PDF over to you for approval before going to print.

How do I pay?

You can pay by BACS, by card over the telephone or by cheque. All details will be given on your invoice.

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